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'Carpe Diem' & 'Illegitimi' Prints

Updated: May 25, 2023

I have two new limited edition mini-prints available to pre-order now in my online shop — These prints will ship worldwide from the 15th of June.

'Carpe Diem' is my interpretation of the classic Latin aphorism, which translates as 'Seize The Day'. I've drawn from many influences, including Victorian Memorials, Medieval Cathedral Inscriptions, and the work of the finest Writing Masters of the 18th century. The letterforms are all highly ornamental and drawn for the project — warm Lombardic Capitals paired with a softened Textura lowercase. The swords symbolise courage and strength, and the flowers represent love. Available in two colourways, Metallic Gold on Frost White and Metallic Gold on Black, both initialled and numbered.

'Illegitimi Non Carborundum' is a wry mock-Latin phrase that translates as 'Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down.' My art and design taste favours maximalist or minimalist approaches; this piece is clearly the latter. My approach was to create bespoke Roman Monumental Capitals and present them as if lovingly carved and gilded in marble into a magnificent ancient monument. Known as the 'Eternal Letter', these capital letterforms embody classical beauty, grace and dignity, creating a pleasing tension between the medium and the message. Available in one colourway, Metallic Gold on Frost White, initialled and numbered.


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