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'Pretty Rude' Limited Edition Print Release

Updated: Oct 29

My new limited edition mini-print, 'Pretty Rude', will be available to pre-order here on Thursday, 2nd November at 4 pm GMT (9:00 am PT & noon EDT). It will ship worldwide around the 15th of November, 2023.

Both pretty and rude, 'Pretty Rude' is a beautiful print inspired by the work of the greatest Penmen of the 18th century, who pushed formal scripts and flourishing techniques to new heights of refined sophistication. I love this calligraphy style; it doesn't get much better than L'Anglaise, as this category of formal script is known in France. There is a pleasing tension in this piece between the medium and the message. The sentiment expressed makes complete sense in a world of uncertainty and conflict.

Available in two signed and numbered limited edition colourways of 130 only and priced at £23 (approximately $27.88 US/€26.40) plus postage. Gold Ink on either Frost White or Black Colourplan Paper, 540gsm. These mini-prints measure 175 mm x 112 mm (approximately 6.9 X 4.4 inches.) and have been exquisitely die stamped, a form of intaglio printing, by hand in London.


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