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Broken People Print

We read a lot about broken people doing terrible things in the media at the moment. But the flipside is that broken people can do and make beautiful things too. It’s easy to reel off a long list of people who were broken one way or another and yet made amazing contributions to the world’s of music and art, for example. This is my small tribute to those people. The use of a category of typeface known as Fraktur is a typographic pun, Fraktur is German for fracture, or broken. It’s a charming letterpress typeface from the early 20th Century but based on much earlier models. Many of the wood block letterforms were too archaic to read, or missing, so substitutions that aren’t typographically correct were made. The result is a warm, quirky, imperfect jumble of qualities, much like many people are. Thanks to Axel @p98a in Berlin, Marc Thiele and Erik Spiekermann. This print is available to buy here now.   Limited edition of 100 prints only, plus 3 artists proofs. Screen printed by hand from letterpress artwork onto A2 Accent Smooth Glacier White Paper, 270gsm (420mm X 594mm or 16.5 X 23.4 inches). Signed and numbered by the artist.


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