Instagram Feature

30 Jun, 2014

A sincere thank you to Instagram for featuring my work on their excellent blog and across all of their social media over the weekend. I feel it is amazing publicity not just for myself but for the art of calligraphy and all letterform related disciplines. The numbers involved are hard to fathom. To give one example Instagram put one of my calligraphy clips on their Instagram account, which has 56 million followers. Within two minutes the clip had over 10,000 likes. As of today it has around 450,000 likes and over 10,000 comments. My Instagram account now has 88,000 followers and growing. I would be hard pressed to think of better publicity for my work. I have obviously been very lucky but then luck is often commensurate with hard work. So thank you again Instagram and thank you to followers old and new for taking an interest in my work. I have big, exciting plans for my art and design which I look forward to telling you about in due course.