Regular updates on current projects and events.

Speaking Engagements, 2017

21 Dec, 2016

I will be speaking about my work at Awwwards Conference London on 2-3rd February, 2017. I will be doing a presentation at TOCA ME design conference in Munich, Germany, on 4th March, 2017. I will also be speaking at beyond tellerrand conference in Düsseldorf, Germany, 15-17th May, 2017. Other speaking engagements are lined up for later in 2017, I will announce them in due course.

Three New Limited Edition Prints

11 Nov, 2016

I am pleased to announce I am releasing three new limited edition prints this month. Some of the work is an unusual new direction for me. I'm really pleased with the way all the tests look and I'm looking forward to showing you the new work. The plan is to make the new work available for pre-order from Sunday 13th November 2016, 3pm GMT/10am EST. The prints will then ship worldwide the week commencing 28th November, 2016. Keep an eye on my social media channels, particularly Instagram and Facebook, for more information and a sneak peek or two.

Speaking at Reasons to: Design Festival, Brighton, UK, 5-7th September, 2016

16 Aug, 2016

I am speaking at ‘Reasons to:’ Design Festival in Brighton, UK next month. The event runs from 5-7th September 2016. The event organisers really have pulled out all the stops for this one. It’s a truly amazing line up and I feel pleased and privileged to be part of it. For full details and tickets please check the website here. Don’t underestimate events like this. They can inspire, inform and educate like nothing else.

Art Yard Sale - 5th June, Brighton, England

30 May, 2016

I’m going to be selling small, gold leaf original art pieces of people's names at the artrepublic Art Yard Sale in Brighton, England on Sunday 5th June. I’ll also have other small originals & limited edition prints. Amazing line-up of artists appearing, check for full details. Come along and say hello.

Home Sweet Home - Gold foil limited edition art print

24 May, 2016

'Home Sweet Home' gold foil edition is available to buy now from my shop at a pre-release price, £5 cheaper than the normal price of £50. This item will officially launch and ship worldwide on Monday 30th May, 2016. 'Home Sweet Home' is a timeless adage that I wanted to interpret in a fresh and modern way. I'm really pleased with how this gold edition has turned out, the quality of the print is outstanding! 42cm X 42cm (approximately 16.5 X 16.5 inches) limited edition of 500. Gold foil blocking on black Plike art paper, 330gsm. Signed and numbered by the artist. Available to buy here now.

New York Trip in June - Mural Opportunity

04 May, 2016

I’m in New York in June on business. I love the city and I’d love to put up a beautiful, positive, legal, mural while I'm there. If anyone reading can help make that happen please get in touch. I'm looking for a suitable wall, probably a similar size to the one I did the mural in London on last year, and a person or people with local knowledge and mural expertise. Thanks so much for all the suggestions for spaces and people I've received on social media so far.

Creative Review Interview

29 Apr, 2016

Big thanks to Mark Sinclair at Creative Review for interviewing me for their bumper May 2016 issue. The issue is about social media and I describe how social media has helped to shape my career. I'm pleased how the article turned out. This issue of Creative Review is a special double issue and includes their Annual. It is available to buy now at all the usual places.

One Million Followers on Instagram

28 Mar, 2016

As of this week I have one million followers on Instagram. I find this pretty unbelievable. It's a respectable following for a pop star, let alone a nerd with a lot of pens. It's also an important milestone for me terms of my long term plans as an artist. It's a target I set for myself at the start of this year and one I've managed to achieve much sooner than anticipated. To anyone following me on social media, thank you sincerely for taking an interest in my work. I would also like to say do not ever underestimate the power of passion, hard work and extreme determination.

Speaking at OFFSET Dublin 2016, 8-10th April, 2016

22 Mar, 2016

I am speaking at Offset Dublin next month. The conference runs from 8-10th April 2016 and they have an amazing line-up of speakers this year. Do check out the speakers schedule. It is one of the biggest conferences of its kind and I'm looking forward to visiting Dublin for the first time.

Seb Lester x VNA Magazine Limited Edition Box Set

18 Mar, 2016

VNA Magazine have worked closely with me to produce a beautiful screen-printed box set. Available to buy exclusively from artrepublic, Brighton, on Good Friday, 25th March, 2016. We will be launching the edition from 6pm, with drinks provided and I will be in attendance to sign magazines. As a special Easter treat, we will be holding an Easter egg hunt at the event, with the chance to win a small original piece of art from myself with your name in gold leaf.

Each imprint comes complete with a screen-printed magazine and presentation sleeve and a copy of 'Passion', a brand new signed, numbered foil block print by myself. Stamped and numbered, this is a small edition of only 150, priced at £50 per set. A small amount of box sets will be available to purchase online after the launch from